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elcome to Yosemite Brokerage, Inc. We are a locally owned mortgage business and have been serving Eastern Madera County and the entire Central Valley of California for over 18 years. Yosemite Brokerage, Inc. has home loan solutions for all your real estate financing needs. Whether you need a construction loan to build your dream home, purchase a new home or refinance into a low rate. We offer competitive rates, fees, and no cost pre-approvals. Call today and let us start working on putting together a real estate loan that suits your needs. We guarantee that no other lender will provide you with better service, rates or fees.
Homeownership is the American Dream and with mortgage rates at all time lows, Yosemite Brokerage, Inc. is helping to make that dream a reality.

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Why go to a mortgage broker instead of a bank?
We understand you want the best possible rate and that you want to keep as much money as you can. So why use a mortgage broker when you could just walk into your bank and get a loan there? Well there are two reasons:

  • A Broker can search a large number of funding sources, hundreds of banks as well as private lenders, to find the best rate you can qualify for. Your bank can only offer you what they have, and nothing else. If you want to find out if your bank is giving you the best terms, you don’t ask the bank, ask your broker.
  • Better service. Bankers are on salary and are only available during business hours. You can reach your broker after hours, on weekends, whenever. A broker doesn’t get paid until the loan closes, so he has the motivation to take excellent care of the client…you.

Let us help make the Home financing process Fast and Easy

By making the right decisions you will have a positive experience.

  • Have Yosemite Brokerage, Inc. pre-qualify you for a loan.
  • Select a knowledgeable real estate agent.
  • If purchasing, find the right property in your price range.
  • Go over all your options with your loan officer.

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Yosemite Brokerage, Inc. is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate. License No. 01271218 | NMLS # 212876

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